FUN School’s COVID-19 Re-Opening Policies and Procedures have been designed in conjunction with the Child Care Licensing Manual, the CCEYA and its regulations, as well as the Ministry of Education. Operational Guidance during COVID-19 Outbreak Child Care Re-Opening Manual and Policies & Procedure that have been provided by the Region of Peel Public Health Unit, and the Region of Peel Early Years System Division.

Please find the following located under documents,

  1. Screening-Enhanced Health and Safety Covid-19
  2. Enhanced Sanitary Precautions Covid-19
  3. Outbreak Management Covid-19
  4. The Parent Screening Agreement.


With this ever changing situation the above attached policy and agreement may also change as we receive new information, guidelines and regulations.

I urge you to read them and if you have any questions please contact us.


We will require all parents/guardians to provide a signed Screening Agreement 1 week prior to  your child attending FUN School.  Unfortunately children will not be able to attend unless we have this completed and signed form.


All staff have read and been trained on the above policy and protocol.