Each staff member is hired with great care and consideration to ensure we provide the highest quality environment. It is clearly evident that our staff members love what they do.  We are proud to say that we have a very low turnover rate of our staff.  We appreciate our staff for their devotion, commitment and respect toward the children, parents/guardians and their colleagues.


Each staff member is required to:

  1. Be Registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators
  2. Undertake a criminal reference check prior to employment.
  3. Have up to date immunizations.  
  4. Have up to date First Aid CPR-C level.
  5. Sign a Confidentiality Agreement
  6. Be certified in WHMIS Training.
  7. Be certified in Health and Safety awareness
  8. Attend monthly staff meetings and professional development workshops.
  9. Familiarize themselves with all FUN School Policies and Procedures.
  10. Participate in the annual performance review process.